Friday, 13 February 2015

OUGD503: Airbnb Brand Guidelines

AirBnB's mission statement revolves around the idea of belonging anywhere and having a home away from home.  Their tone of voice is informal and welcoming, aiming to bring people together with personal connections.  Their primary typeface, Circular Std, is used in the logotype and across many aspects of their material including the website and adverts.  The continuous use of this associates the rounded, open countered letterforms with the brand so even without the logo the right tone of voice is still present.

Colour use is essential for AirBnB and the palette they utilise consists of warm, strong colours as well as more neutral pinks greens and greys. The most vibrant and memorable colour associated with Airbnb is their 'hero' colour Rausch, which is the main colour they use. They use tints of this at intervals of 10%, which is something we could take across to the design in our passport.

We want to apply AirBnB's brand guidelines as best as we can to the passport so our product meets the same aesthetic of the brand.  We looked at including their mission statement and values into the passport in either the front or back, so that non-Airbnb users understand the concept behind the brand and to remind customers of the community they belong to.

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  1. Hi! I work for a design studio, do you maybe have the whole airbnb brand book? I would like to use it for a research :) Thanks in advance!